SKID EXPERTS – Expertos en plantas de proceso

Process skids,
our specialty

We design conceptual, basic, and detailed engineering for heavy industrial facilities between them the Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, Petrochemical, Energy Production, and Distribution.

Advanced process engineering methods, latest software programs, the vast experience in the field together with innovation, provide an incomparable result that ensures proper functionality, maximum efficiency, and productivity with minimum accidental risk for the plants we design.

PMC (Project Management Consultant)

Project Management Consultant is the manager of a project commissioned on behalf of the company (client). The PMC plans, directs, and supervises the work of suppliers and contractors to ensure compliance with the client’s scope of work, specifications, time, and costs.

SKID EXPERTS project management team assumes that role by offering experience, skills, techniques, and optimized PM procedures to ensure the correct and successful execution and completion of the project.

EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction)

Based on engineering, industrial manufacturing, and PMC activities, SKID EXPERTS combines its disciplines to offer a turnkey EPC solution for site construction. SKID EXPERTS has successfully developed its capabilities and internal structure to become a leading EPC contractor for specialized industrial projects.

The added value and benefits of using skids in an EPC project generate a great advantage in terms of both time and costs but also help to avoid complications during execution. Skids resolve most of the difficulties that a construction project presents, for example, the difficulty of mobilizing raw materials and various supplies in forest zones, they have high manufacturing efficiency due to controlled conditions within a workshop and not in exposed areas and are subject to very strict quality controls. The most important benefit of a skid is the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), where the whole plant is assembled in one piece, starts up and operates, verifying its correct functionality so that when it arrives on-site there are no unforeseen events presented at the last moment.

After the FAT, the entire plant is dismantled into the SKIDS that compose it, which then are packed and shipped at project destination for the final assembly. The last step will be commissioning and start-up, activities, On-site acceptance tests will follow before the final delivery of the plant to its owner or operator.

Applying our knowledge and technologies acquired during the manufacturing and construction of new plants, the maintenance of existing facilities becomes a unique and effective experience.

Do you have an industrial or energy project that requires financing? Contact our experts to discuss the specifics of your project and we will work with you to develop the most appropriate financial business package for your needs.

With extensive experience in commercial financing, project financing, and direct investment, SKID EXPERTS is available to help its municipal, commercial, and industrial clients determine the most suitable financing solutions to implement their project.


Our team will work closely with you to develop a flexible financial package and business model that meets your specific needs. By using private banks, international financial partners, and national and international funding agencies, we are not only able to provide domestic financing packages, but also export credit services from various countries.


We can create a project financing structure with a Special Purpose Company (SPV). The SPV generally raised funds from two sources:

  • Equity of SKID EXPERTS and its partners
  • Financial debt of banks


SKID EXPERTS, thanks to its trajectory, continues its search for Oil & Gas, energy, and water projects in which to invest and co-invest.